Yes, Google Will Now (Probably) Replace Your Nexus 5 If You Bust The Screen


Found something for Nexus 5 users



Did you drop your shiny new(ish) Nexus 5 and wreck the screen? Don’t panic! Google has tweaked their stance on accidental damage a bit, and will now (probably) replace the handset for free — but there are a few catches.

Word going around the rumor mill was that Google had suddenly instated a new policy regarding a replacements for Nexus handsets that had been accidentally damaged. The weird part? No one seemed to have confirmation from Google themselves on the matter.

So we, you know, called Google and asked.

Here’s what we learned: it’s not so much a “policy” as it is an “exception” that Google’s CS reps are allowed to make — so you probably don’t want to be a jerk about it when you call. Also, it doesn’t seem like every CS rep necessarily knows about this yet.

Up until now, accidental damage — be it water damage…

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Happy Independence Day!


    Happy Independence Day to all my brothers and sisters. Let us pledge to make India the land of Dreams. Lets forget about the religions and unite and remove the darkness.

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Jai Hind!


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It was great to see that people can contribute some time out of their busy schedule and do Samaj Seva.