Yes, Google Will Now (Probably) Replace Your Nexus 5 If You Bust The Screen


Found something for Nexus 5 users


Happy Independence Day!


    Happy Independence Day to all my brothers and sisters. Let us pledge to make India the land of Dreams. Lets forget about the religions and unite and remove the darkness.

    Thanks to our soldiers who are guarding our country and letting us celebrate this day happily and safely.

    A request to every Indian, please do not throw our precious Indian flag and if you find any flag dropped then please pick them up.


Jai Hind!


It was 12:40 PM and I was coming back from my Mathematics classes. The bus in which I was traveling stopped at a traffic signal. There I saw a person serving water to every one who was in need whoever it might be. When the signal used to turn red he used to go near every vehicle and ask them for water.

It was great to see that people can contribute some time out of their busy schedule and do Samaj Seva.